TTIP is a ‘revolution against international law’, says UN Expert

Nick Dearden, photo by Genevieve Stevenson

16 October 2015

“Globalization cannot be allowed to become the grand global casino where investors rig the system to guarantee that they always win.” UN human rights expert Alfred-Maurice de Zayas doesn’t mince his words when it comes to the new generation of trade deals like TTIP.

He believes the corporate court system at the centre of the deal, which allows foreign companies to sue governments in secret “is tantamount to a revolution against law, it is retrogression in terms of legality and predictability, a no-man’s land of arbitrary arbitrations.”

De Zayas was speaking to the UN Human Rights Council and his transcript is well worth reading in full. He believes the privileges which big business is gaining through trade agreements like TTIP “constitute an attack on the very essence of sovereignty and self-determination, which are founding principles of the United Nations.”

The ‘corporate courts’ system is “a Trojan horse” threatening “a privatized system of dispute settlement, outside and contrary to … the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

And there’s more.

“Experience shows that many of the 608 arbitration awards that have become known,  have overridden national law and hindered States in the sovereign determination of fiscal and budgetary policy, labour, health and environmental regulation, and have had adverse human rights impacts, also on third parties, including a “chilling effect” with regard to the exercise of democratic governance.”

Officially known as Investor State Dispute Settlement or ISDS, corporate courts bring us closer to a private international system of law which threatens the whole basis of human rights and democracy. De Zayas says:

“An international order of sovereign and equal States … must not be undermined by private attempts to replace it with an international order ruled by investors, speculators and transnational enterprises lacking democratic legitimacy.. international investment agreements are usurping State functions as if the only rights were the rights to trade and to invest.”

What can we do about all of this? We’re constantly told by the British government that hundreds of such courts already exist and we’re trying to defy history. De Zayas disagrees:

“termination of international investment agreements may be a complex task, but much less problematic than, for example, dealing with armed conflict. The world economy has had to adjust time and again to advance the cause of human dignity.

“So it was with the prohibition of the lucrative slave trade, the abolition of slavery and decolonization, which were replaced by other economic models. … eventually investor–State dispute settlement will be recognized as an experiment gone wrong, an attempt to hijack constitutionality, resulting in the retrogression of human rights.”

To start off, de Zayas lays down straightforward guidelines for the British and other governments contemplating deals like TTIP. First, “ISDS should be abolished” as it has no place in a democratic world. He believes states must defy corporate court decisions that violate human rights and even suggests appealing to the World Court to prove “the invalidity of ISDS awards that are arbitrary and manifestly ill-founded.”

Second, government need to “conduct human rights, health and environmental impact assessments” and give maximum transparency to the negotiations which “must not be secret or ‘fast-tracked’”. Deals must not involve “unreasonable ‘survival clause’”, something which surely covers the 20 years it would take a government to withdraw from TTIP.

Finally de Zayas urges states to work together against this corporate coup, because a “democratic and equitable international order can only be achieved by States in international solidarity”.

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    Like I’ve said before, “it’s called treason”, plain and simple. It’s Slick Oily (Obama) and the US Trade Rep., Michael Froman selling the sovereignty of the federal and state governments and the amerikan people to multinational corporations.Should the TPP or the TTIP pass into law. The US will not be able to stop corporations from polluting our air, water or soil. If either of these corporate swindles pass, the price for medications will sky rocket and generics will be almost impossible to get! Another thing you can be sure of, no matter which compliant corporate media you listen to, the push is going to be on to enact this swindle into law. Do not listen to the talking heads from the White House or the stenographers at CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS or CNBC It’s up to the amerikan people to stop this from becoming law!

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      You are mostly accurate. But this is now a global problem, not confined to continental USA. Berlin had a recent rally with 250 000 cropping up against this butt-hurt. Stating that literally millions of ppl now oppose this sh*te, is probably not a strech.

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    All I want to do is make a fair wage and enjoy my life. But how can anyone enjoy life when the very thing you are eating can shorten it. You speak out loud and say no, and these people have the right to sue you!!

    You go to work for minimum wage and you see the CEO of the company and the Directors laughing as they are getting 10-20 times your wage for not actually producing anything but trying to save money for investors who you never see….You make about 10 million pounds worth of product per week with about 10 employees, their was 15 but due to cut backs they worked it out on paper and we can do it. As there is not enough people on the job things break down, people get tired and make mistakes and the supervisors start yelling and shouting to get the production line running as we can not stop it or we will be looking for another job.

    Every week you are lucky to come home with £230…..And this is week in week out…Their are no jobs to go to and you have to hold back the comments and reaction of utter disbelief or you are finished. So you take the abuse and cuts, hoping you are not next.

    This is my life, I hate it, but it is all I have, I owe the bank 1800 in overdraft as I cannot catch up. And now people I don’t see are making my life even harder, because governments are either getting paid by Corporations , or they are afraid to cross them……When the PM at question time starts laughing at questions I wonder if their ever was a thought for the little man, the man on minimum wage who is tired scared and fed up. Now the country may be going to war big time…….An excuse to put (Gm) food prices up, petrol. gas, electric, tax….etc etc etc…..(More money for the Bankers)When will the voices of the little people be heard under the boot of government or corporations…likely never………..Sorry for this long winded story, but it is what is going on with many many people, and the people on the dole who want work, are getting it even worse………..

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    Well, Ted Cruz voted FOR it! So he is a treasonous Government Official already. And you people want to put him in the Highest office in our Federal Government? For what, so we can have more of hat Obama has started??!!! And he is NOT ELIGIBLE to be our President anyway! Why would someone, who supposedly “respects and abides” by our Constitution so deeply vote for this ILLEGAL piece of legislation???

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    Humanity need to STOP CONSENTING TO and sustaining this bullshit paradigm … we’re not obliged to tolerate, participate in or support this abusive Elite rubbish – WE’RE NOT SLAVES, WE’RE SOVEREIGN. START BEHAVING LIKE IT and kick these fatheads out of our governments …

    Yes, we’ve got dark Satanist fuckwits in practically every government around the world today who think that they have the authority and the right to tell Humanity what we can and cannot do, what we can/cannot have, and how we can/cannot behave! … THEY’RE A JOKE! We’re not supposed to take this shit of theirs seriously, let alone tolerate it guys. DON’T CONSENT TO THIS RUBBISH – WE’RE LIONS, NOT LAMBS!!

    Rise up and tell these sick cunts – and I don’t use this word loosely, believe me – but this is what they are – to GTF off our planet which they’re intent on taking for themselves, because if you’re paying attention and are watching you will be seeing that if they can’t take what they want they will simply destroy it!! You see what they’re doing to our planet now, right? They’re terraforming it – undermining our Earth’s Natural Laws so that ultimately Humanity will be unable to sustain ourselves and live off the land … They are Anti-Life and they want us dependent on synthetic/unnatural sources so that Humanity can be depopulated, enslaved, controlled – our planet theirs to do with as they will – hence Monsanto poisoning Earth’s agriculture with GMO’s, killing pollinators: bees, butterflies, birds and efforts to wipe out wolf, bear populations and our ocean-life, dolphins, whales, overfishing with Fukushima radiation, HAARP, chemtrails etc. etc.

    GLOBAL STRIKE Humanity … Humanity dragging their arses to work every day sustains their corrupt paradigm/reality/matrix – IT’S CORPORATE ENSLAVEMENTS. Our working every day profits the 1%, the banks, the corporations – not Humanity. Working every day enslaved to corporations is not Life guys!!! This isn’t Humanity’s Divine Purpose – WE’RE SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. We’re supposed to be stewards/custodians, protectors and defenders of life on our planet and we’re dropping the ball – WAKE UP!!! It’s time for us to shake off the conditioning and mind-kontrol, turn the tv’s and cellphones off and to start paying attention to what’s going on around us. Our Earth and our people Humanity, are under assault!!! Claim your Sovereignty – don’t let your corrupt governments take it from you!

    Sovereign Free Will Self Determination is our inheritance – CLAIM IT – and realise that these cunts are intent on stripping Humanity of our Sovereignty before most even realise what we have!!! LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE …

    The definition of Sovereign: “Possessing Supreme or Ultimate Power. In modern democracies the People’s Will is in theory Sovereign”. a: one possessing or held to possess supreme power or sovereignty. b: one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere. c: an acknowledged leader: arbiter. Synonyms: Supreme, Absolute, Unlimited, Unrestricted, Boundless, Ultimate, Total, Unconditional, Full … Hmm – this is Sovereign Humanity? Sheeple/Eaters/Goyim are Sovereign?! Yes, we are – NOBODY RULES US!

    We’re multi-dimensional beings who have learnt all that there is to know about hate, corruption, greed, power, suffering, pain, death, grief, loneliness, dispair, destruction etc. etc. over multiple lifetimes together … SCHOOL IS OUT! Graduate and claim your Sovereign Awareness! MAKE YOUR LIFETIMES OF LEARNING, SUFFERING AND EXPERIMENTATION COUNT FOR SOMETHING!

    Look at the greed, corruption, deception, manipulation in Corporate World Governments today – war for profit, innocents – children, families being savaged, murdered, raped for Satanist corruption as has been taking place in Palestine every day for decades by Zionists who have no right to be in Palestine doing what they have been doing, commiting genocide. Zionists again within U.S. government who have deceived and manipulated humanity to enable them via consent of the people to invade sovereign Middle Eastern nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – killing and displacing millions of innocent people – for what?! To murder, destroy, and pillage the wealth of those nations – gold, oil, drugs (opium) and ancient treasures.

    Free Corporate Global Trade Agreements – TPPA, TTIP that ARE SECRET and NOT FREE AT ALL, but will enslave Humanity to greedy, self-interested psychopaths who want only for themselves, no-one else!!!

    Yes, world governments are being controlled by Oligarchy Cabal (Zionist/Satanist regime) … they’re NOT serving the people, so IT IS TIME TO STOP SERVING THEM … GLOBAL STRIKE – TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THEIR BANKS, STOP PAYING TAXES, STOP WORKING and pull together as a Sovereign Collective.

    GLOBAL STRIKE – show these dark cunts that Humanity are Sovereign – we’re not obliged or indebted to them for anything. WE’RE STRONG!!! They’re corrupt, abusive, SICK, savages and we need to use our Sovereign Self Determination and Freewill to simply disengage, withdraw and refuse to coexist with these individuals. NO MORE CONSENT! Determine to create anew for ourselves – inclusive, peace-filled lives of abundant self-sustainable co-existence, where we sustain and defend ourselves/one another, not some authoritarian elite fathead who claims to rule the world!!

    … ANARCHY!!!

    We can create and become whatever WE WANT.

    Understanding dark manipulation and Consent – and withdrawing it ……

    … see Zionist/Satanist Netanyahu trying to spin his lies in the U.N. guys – people are waking up to the deception and manipulation which has been imposed upon the world. We each need to choose/determine and act accordingly … Corporate enslavement, greed and war or Peaceful co-existence, abundance and truth… the choice is yours – it’s everyone’s!

    see more

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    I agree completely.These private courts promote a very unhealthy development:the opportunity to buy court decisions. One with the biggest purse, greatest market power can get best lawyers and secret ways of dealing behind closed doors. That would be fatal. And it would support a fat trend from market economy to market society (as contemporary philosopher Michael Sandel puts it), which already destroys much of social justice and cohesion/solidarity.


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